Rosie Thomas

BA Drama (with proficiency in German)

A week in the life...


Up and in Uni at 10am for last minute touches to our performance for this week. We met our tutor who gave us some advice and tips for assessments before grabbing a coffee and spending about an hour painting set in the workshop.

At 1pm we head to the hospital where we’re performing on the Children’s ward as part of the Applied Theatre module.

Around 4 I have a quick dash home to change and get some food before heading up to campus for rehearsals for Shotgun Theatre society from 6-9.

Would be shameful to not don my best fancy dress for Halloween, but back home early for the seminar tomorrow morning!


9am - Early morning German seminar calls for another coffee. Quick trip to the gym before meeting to rehearse next week’s performance.

11am - Popped to the Forum to help EUTCo society with their fundraising bake sale.

1pm - Managed to squeeze in a few hours in the library before heading home. Then went to Old Timers around 8pm to watch A Night of One Act Plays – some rehearsed readings written by Uni students put on by Theatre with Teeth society, a brilliant night!


Not in until 11 today – enjoyed the luxury of a lie in! Rehearsal for Applied from 11-1 then a stop home for lunch before an SSLC meeting at 2, and met my personal tutor for a catch up at 4.

Went to the gym for a few hours then the library to brush up on some German grammar before heading to work from 7-10.


Spent the morning reading for Applied and puzzling over an essay topic before jumping on a train to Bristol around midday.

A few people from the course take part in a directing course at Bristol Old Vic each week, so we travel up together and catch up with each other, or with some work or reading on the train.

Back from Bristol by 6 and a quick stop home to eat and get changed before heading out to a social.


Headed to the gym first thing today. By 11 we’re back in the rehearsal room for applied making finishing touches. German seminar at 1:30 for an hour then went back home to relax for a few hours with housemates. Ended up on an impromptu trip to the beach, cold but worth it. Around 9 we headed to Monkey Suit to see Soul Choir perform.


It’s the 5th of November which can only mean one thing – Ottery Tar Barrels. A real Exeter oddity that we couldn’t miss in our last year.

Much more relaxed Saturday this week, to the gym for a few hours and got some books out of the library. At 5pm we got on the coaches to Ottery, a night of bonfires, tar barrels and fireworks.


Sunday is always rehearsal day. I’m with Shotgun Theatre from 9-3, and Theatre with Teeth from 4-7. We’re working on a show for the Northcott theatre and the Phoenix theatre so rehearsals and meetings are always going on. Sunday night is house night so we watch a film together and prepare ourselves to do it all again…