Olivia Harvey

Olivia Harvey

BA English and Drama

What do you enjoy most about your degree?

It is so flexible and this is something that made me want to study here. There are a lot of optional modules that you choose yourself meaning you are always studying something that you truly want to learn about! Because I’m doing joint honours, my course is so diverse! One minute I’m reading Beowulf, the next I’m warming up with a game of capture the flag!

What do you love most about the university of Exeter and living in Exeter?

The university doesn’t feel too big. A few times a day I’ll find myself bumping into people I know around campus which makes it feel much more close-knit and friendly! As for living in Exeter, the city is beautiful! Amazing shops, restaurants and it’s so picturesque. As soon as I arrived at Exeter I felt an urge to tell everyone what an amazing place it is! Sometimes I go for a jog along the Quayside and can’t believe how lucky I am to live in such a pretty place.

What are you interested in doing after you graduate?

Honestly? I have no idea! One minute I want to be a journalist, the next, an actor! The thing is with studying at such an amazing university is that it opens so many doors and throws so many opportunities my way. I’m going to let this allow me to keep my options open and see where my course leads me. 


A week in the life of ...

Olivia Harvey

BA English and Drama


After 3 hours of drama practical I started some work on my English essay. How better to reward myself than with pancakes and a milkshake from the Grove Diner, yummy!


Today I had a lecture and seminar on Shakespeare’s ‘A Winter’s Tale.’ My flat mates and I went to our first house viewing in readiness for next year, very exciting! We finished off the day with a trip to ‘Cheesy Tuesdays’ followed by a 2am Dominos with my lovely flat.


Today I had drama practical again and then went to see a play in Teignmouth with some friends! However, we got the wrong train back and ended up in Torquay, oops.


Day off!! So of course this means time to try out Costa’s new Christmas menu (and do some work of course!) We also held a bake sale to fundraise for a play I am involved in! Thursday has now become flat film night so we watched ‘Inception.’


My day started with drama practical and then I went to a fitness class led by one of the societies called ‘Body Combat.’ This was super fun, but I still can’t feel my legs.


I woke up (at 12pm, Saturday lie ins are the best) and decided that I have definitely not seen enough of our beautiful campus so me and my friend went on a little explore and took some photos! We also stopped off at the Ram for some of their famous curly fries!


Today my parents came to visit and I took them around Exeter! We visited Exeter Cathedral and Northernhay Gardens which are beautiful. We stopped off for pizza at the Old Firehouse. Fun fact: this supposedly influenced JK Rowling’s idea of the ‘Leaky Cauldron’ in Harry Potter!