Lottie Westgarth

BA English and Drama

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Lottie Westgarth

BA English and Drama


9:30 start for my Acting and Non-Acting module this morning. Swapped tutors for a week so I got to work with Doctor Emily Kreider who introduced us to the hilarious ‘laughter mat’ exercise. Break for lunch and then went to my Beginnings lecture for English on The Winter’s Tale, then came home and caught up with flat mates.


Lie-in this morning before heading to the second Beginnings lecture. Had lunch with a friend and then went to the library to prepare seminar questions. Started planning for my essay but it looks like I’m heading to the election all-nighter at the RAM!


Another 9:30 today for a self-directed drama session. After Emily’s introduction we had to make a piece entirely on a mat which produced some very entertaining challenges. Quick coffee after with my group and then back home to write the essay.


Beginnings seminar from 9:30-11:30 this morning. Came home and then headed to the imperial pub with my laptop to work on my essay with a coffee. Going to watch Bright later, a new play from the society Theatre With Teeth.


Final practical seminar with Emily this week then short one to one meeting with Ilaria about my progress in drama. Went home and watched The Apprentice from last night then started to read Paradise Lost for next week.


Slept late today and then got back down to the essay. Went to town for some shopping then had friends over in the evening for drinks.


Had to get back in to Paradise Lost today in preparation for tomorrow’s English lecture. Cleared the kitchen a little bit and made tuna pasta bake for dinner. Early night tonight (still recovering slightly from last night!)