Becky Smallman

What do you enjoy most about your degree?

The Archaeology department is full of really enthusiastic students and staff, making it so easy to get caught up in the passion for the subject. I’m really enjoying the ability to study cultures and periods I’ve never looked at before, and also to attend guest seminars to further broaden my interests into such a vast topic as the human past. Doing Forensic Science alongside the Archaeology has meant I can also do some practical lab work in first year and look at different skill sets which is really enjoyable for me.

What do you love most about the University of Exeter and living in Exeter?

The University on the whole is full of welcoming people and friendly faces – I was worried about leaving home but I settled in really quickly thanks to how warm everyone has been. The centre of campus is gorgeously designed and further out there are some beautifully planted paths if you need a little quiet time watching the squirrels and birds. Exeter city centre being so close by also means there’s plenty more to explore if you fancy getting off campus.

What are you interested in doing after you graduate?

After my BSc I’m looking at doing my Masters which will more than likely involve Archaeology although I am not sure which area specifically just yet! I also might take a year out between courses so that I can travel and work abroad in Archaeology for a while as well before specialising as I’m really enjoying exploring different areas at the moment.


A Week in the Life of ...

Becky Smallman

BSc Archaeology with Forensic Science


Practical Skills in Archaeology lecture today looking at our geophysical survey results: haven’t found any lost cities today, but still useful for understanding the techniques! Worked on my Practical Portfolio, attended a talk on Studying Abroad and then played some spooky video games to celebrate Halloween.


Restful morning then interesting lecture on the Early Medieval period in Britain. Checked over my Boxgrove field guide, dinner in halls, then round to a friend’s.


Brilliant lecture on the development of world trade and exchange this morning; spent some time tidying my notes, made a good start on my essay on human evolution, then First Aid Society session.


Early morning walk around campus then first Student Staff Liaison Committee meeting; back to room for lunch and dabbling in some work before guest seminar on prehistoric cultures in Mexico. Sherlock Holmes board game night!


Some more trays to be sifted through for finds today and some cataloguing to do. Spent the rest of the day taking it easy and doing a bit of light reading and further planning for my human evolution essay.


After brunch, went for a walk around campus and managed to sit in a rare patch of autumn sun. Then returned to room, finalised and submitted Boxgrove field guide online and continued with Practical Portfolio, before doing a spot of gaming.


Explored a little further on my walk today and found the community garden. Afterwards, spent some time doing some reading, looking more in depth into the topics of last week and reading ahead on some topics in preparation for next week, then round to a friend’s place for some TV time.