Amy Lett

MA Archaeology

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Amy Lett

MA Archaeology


Got up for a Research Methods lecture followed by a session in the gym. Carried on with a researching an essay title and then went for a walk along the quay with a friend.


Went to the gym and beat my previous record so I was in a great mood! Spent the day researching for an essay and attending a Giving and Taking lecture which is really interesting. Spent my night in the library with a friend.


Got up for a Material Culture lecture which is my favourite. Then met my boyfriend for lunch on campus and went to an employer presentation together. Then went to surrey for a night out with my best friend.


No lectures today so I came home from surrey and caught up on work ready for tomorrow.


Had a metallurgy lecture today which was interesting and it’s also my birthday! Went for lunch with family and had a house party followed by arena (unit 1)!


Recovering from a hangover I managed to watch the rugby and then went to work at the Impy until close (2am).


Caught up with work I needed to do ready for the next week, chilled with friends and then played intramural netball and won the game!