Week in the life - Steph Franklin-Burns

A week in the life of ...

Steph Franklin-Burns

BA Art History & Visual Culture


Woke up early for a Career Zone skills session at 10am, had a quick lunch at Costa before signing up for another session (I’m trying to complete the Exeter Leaders Award this year) because my afternoon was free. Had been planning to do reading for a seminar presentation later in the week so stayed late in the library. Got home eventually and binge watched some Netflix and ate leftovers.


Got to sleep in today, I don’t have anything scheduled on Tuesdays, so caught up on some emails and more TV. Went to an extra Sociology lecture that has been really helpful for my Dissertation. Remembered I had an online seminar (webinar) at 5pm for Post-grad information so watched that before going to see a friend who convinced me to go to an Amnesty International and Fem Soc talk going on that evening. Was super interesting and still got to see Captain Fantastic at Campus Cinema afterwards.


Had a really early meeting with college reps because I’m AHVC’s Subject Chair. Got lunch from Pret with a friend who was also at the meeting. Went home, watched some documentaries and organised my Performance Art seminar presentation/feedback. Finally made actual food for the week and washed up my huge pile of cups and mugs.


Went to my lecture for Performance Art and had the seminar directly afterwards which is when I got to do my presentation finally. Went home for lunch and then into town to buy supplies for the making of my performance art scrapbook. Caught up on reading and my lecture notes, watched more TV, and skyped friends from art foundation.


Had a dissertation meeting at 2.30pm so got to have a relaxed morning. Went in a little early to do some research and print off readings for my dissertation, in a couple week I have to do a presentation on my progress. Right after my meeting there was my Queer Visual Practices seminar, and then one of the few Dissertation workshops. Got to hear what everyone else was doing and how far they were which was interesting. My housemate had friends over so hung out for a while.


My mum came to visit today so didn’t get much done, got food out and went shopping. Housemate had different friends over so I decided to tag along to the Lemmy (Lemon Grove), met new people who I actually kind of knew through lots of other people. This always happens in Exeter, everyone knows everyone.


Stayed in bed all day. Had planned on tidying, hoovering, doing house things but watched TV mostly and snacked. Eventually got up and did some reading for the next weeks’ lectures. Pretty relaxed day altogether.