Travelling to and from Penryn

Whether you’re coming from abroad or from around the UK, it’s great to know your travel options for travelling to and from Penryn.

If you’re flying to the UK, Newquay International Airport is the closest airport to the Penryn Campus, and regular buses can take you from the airport to the centre of Newquay where you will be able to catch a bus to Penryn. 

However, as flights are normally cheaper into London, here are the options: If flying into Heathrow Airport, you can take the Heathrow Express to London Paddington railway station, and in just over 4 hours, you will arrive at Truro railway station where you can transfer to the Penryn line. If you’re feeling anxious about dragging heavy bags after a flight on and off trains and want something more direct, you can take the National Express from Heathrow’s Central Bus Station to Penryn Bus Station. The pros of travelling by train is that you’ll have more legroom and it’s faster, while by bus is a more direct journey and you spend less time dragging bags around.

From London Gatwick, you can take a train from the Gatwick Airport Train Station to Reading and from there to Truro. If you would prefer to take the bus, you can transfer from Gatwick to Heathrow’s Central Bus Station, and follow that route instead.

Travel tip – always follow the signs and don’t be afraid to ask for assistance if you’re unsure or lost. Also always allow time for connections.

There are regular services to Truro from all major British cities. At Truro, change to the branch line service to Penryn and Falmouth. The average journey time from London Paddington to Truro is just over 4 hours and from Truro to Penryn about 15 minutes. Penryn Station is about 15 minutes’ walk from the Penryn Campus.

If you are interested in getting to and from London, trains via Truro can take you to London Paddington. On average, a train from Truro will take over 4 hours to London Paddington (and the same on return).

Quick reference guide

Truro to London: Four and a half to five hours, direct
Truro to Plymouth: An hour and a quarter, direct
Truro to Bristol: Three and a half hours direct, or four with one change
Truro to Reading: Four to five hours direct
Truro to Birmingham: 5 hours direct
Truro to Southampton: 5 hours 30 mins, 1 change

Check out the National Rail, Cross Country, Great Western and South West Trains websites to explore journey possibilities. For longer journeys, try and book in advance as train tickets can get quite pricey, but you can get great deals on specific journeys depending what time or day you travel.

TIP! We highly recommend that you invest in a 16-25 Railcard, in which you get a third off the price of rail tickets – absolutely worth it! If you’re a mature student, there is an alternative option which entitles you to similar perks as a 16-25 Railcard – a Two Together Railcard. If you have a friend or a partner to share with, you also get a third off train fares and you can go on many adventures together around the South West!

*Also tip for those of you interested in a 16-25 Railcard, it doesn’t have to expire after you turn 26. Buy a railcard just before your 26th birthday and you’ll have it for a whole extra year.
If travelling by train from the airports, please check the flying section.

Penryn’s Bus and Coach Station is located in the centre of town with routes across the South West and beyond. If travelling to and from Penryn by bus, visit the Stagecoach, Megabus, and National Express websites to explore your options or use a journey planner. We highly recommend that you take advantage of the local student discounts.

If travelling by bus from the airports, check the flying section.

The Penryn Campus is approximately two hours’ drive from Exeter. From the north, take the A30 west from Exeter until you reach the A39 signposted Truro. Drive through Truro, following the signs A39 to Falmouth. Follow the A39 towards Falmouth until you come to the Treliever roundabout, where you will see signs to the Penryn Campus.

Satellite navigation

Use postcode TR10 9FE. If your sat nav does not recognise this, please try TR10 9EZ; this will not take you directly to campus, but will get you near enough that you will be able to follow signs to the campus entrance.

Please be aware that this is a relatively new postcode and may not be recognized by your sat nav system if it is not up-to-date.

Google maps

Please be aware that Google Maps currently incorrectly directs searches for the Penryn Campus postcode to our Streatham Campus in Exeter. We have asked for this error to be corrected but in the meantime we advise using the postcode TR10 9EZ when requesting directions from Google Maps