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Dr Andrew Jones

Postdoctoral Research Fellow


01392 723092

I am a postdoctoral research fellow at the University of Exeter. My research contributes to an international project led by Edinburgh University called “God and the book of Nature: Building a Science-engaged Theology of Nature.” More details about the project can be found here. My work investigates what philosophical and historical approaches can offer contemporary scientific debates. Specifically I focus on how ideas derived from theology influenced the development of science.

I received my PhD from Cardiff University in 2019. I researched Kant's influence on the development of biology in the British Isles. I am currently producing a manuscript building on this research for book publication with the University of Wales Press in 2021. 

I work primarily on Kant's critical philosophy and am interested in understanding the contemporary relevance of his work for theology, political science, biology and biomedical ethics.   

Research interests

Postdoctoral Fellowship - God and the Book of Nature. John Templeton Foundation.

Editorial Assistant - Elements in the Philosophy of Immanuel Kant. Cambridge University Press.

Elements in the Philosophy of Immanuel Kant

Elements in the Philosophy of Immanuel Kant


Research collaborations

Interdisciplinary Approaches to Antimicrobial Resistance - GW4