Postgraduate study

MA programme

You can pursue Masters-level work in Biblical Studies within the flexible MA in Theology, which allows students to specialise in Biblical Studies, or in other areas of the study of Theology and Religion. The MA programme provides training in research skills, the opportunity to learn biblical languages, and the chance to explore areas at the cutting-edge of current research, working closely with academic staff who are pioneering creative new methods in biblical research and the study of biblical reception.

The Theology department has an extremely supportive group of staff and an exciting range of research specialisms. There are also postgraduate research seminars available to widen interest. The staff have a great mix of faith backgrounds, which is refreshing and very helpful in terms of an open study environment. It is small enough to have a supportive, ‘family’ feel but also has an excellent reputation for research and some wellknown theologians on staff.

Catherine Matlock, MA Theology, 2014

MPhil/PhD study

We welcome applications from and informal discussions with graduates considering specialising in any area of Biblical Studies within our MPhil/PhD Theology and Religion.

I certainly found doctoral studies at the University of Exeter to be a very rewarding experience. You will find supportive supervisors and friendly teaching staff. Library and IT services are essential for academic research and the facilities at Exeter are excellent. Twice a year, there is an appraisal system to monitor your progress and provide feedback. Learning support modules on a wide range of topics are also available, including research methods, writing your doctoral thesis, and preparing for your viva. You choose what is relevant to your particular circumstances. Likewise there are seminars for your personal development on completion of your studies on post-doctoral research and interviewing techniques for employment. They are a friendly people at Exeter and it is great place to study and enjoy student life.

Douglas Dalrymple, PhD, 'The Involvement of Herod Antipas in the Death of Jesus', 2008