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Name:Cristina Mosconi
PhD thesis title: Geo-locating the spatial and architectural history of pre-modern cities
Period of study: June 2015- June 2018
Primary Supervisor: Professor Fabrizio Nevola, Chair in Art History and Visual Culture, University of Exeter
Secondary Supervisor: Professor Gabriella Giannachi, Professor of Performance and New Media and Director of the Centre for Intermedia, Department of English, University of Exeter
Research information:

Structured as a collaboration between the University of Exeter and the creative industry company specialising in geo-located audio tours (AppTrails) Calvium Ltd, my REACT funded research examines how digital approaches and locative media have unlocked the potential for site-specific narrative and history delivered in the urban realm in direct dialogue with extant sites and objects.

The research looks at significant and transitional moments enabled by innovative digital approaches developed over the last few decades applied to the exploration of narrative and history in the urban realm, while also reporting on current trends and future directions. The project combines embedded engagement with the practice of Calvium to facilitate reflection on these activities in relation to their application in contemporary culture and adoption by users among the general public.

Various case studies will be analysed, among which, but not limited to, existing case samples of AppTrails produced by Calvium, to investigate the approaches applied in the practical application of geo-location technologies to site-specific narrative and explore the theoretical frame that enables this process to be locative, embodied and kinetic.


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