Research students

Research studentPhD title
Aqeel Abdulla The representation of Muslim women in contemporary British drama
Swati Arora Performing Delhi: Understanding the Street through Marxist, feminist and ritual theatres
Rosie Bristowe Victorian Consumption of India: Performing Identities in London's Nineteenth Century Exhibitions
Brice Girbal The Legend of Wootz: the technological and archaeological context of Crucible Steel Production in Northern Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, India
Kaushalya Gunasena Cultural, Technological and Ideological Exchange: Sri Lanka – South India Interaction from a Personal Adornment Perspective during the Proto-historic to Early Historic Periods
Meg Kanazawa AIDS in India
Alice Lowson Routing out portable antiques
Debanjan Mitra  
Aparna Mahiariya Understanding Politics, Aesthetics and Performance: A Study of the Development of Street Theatre in Delhi, India
Sharanya Murali Performing Ethnographic Encounters: Walking in Contemporary Delhi
Tathagata Neogi Ritual, Memory and Material Culture: Charting the archaeometallurgical record through the lives of the last iron workers of Northern Telangana, India
Rebecca Savory Fuller  Embodying ‘New India’ through re-mixed global performance: Flash Mobs redefined in contemporary urban India
Malavika Rao  
Jemma Singleton Connecting the Dots with Rock Art; A regional study of rock art sites in South India to identify the cultural interaction between humans and the landscape
Sonia Wigh The Body of Words: A Social History of Sex and the Body in Medieval India