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Past events

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1 December 202116:30


Informal presentations of research by PGR students and staff. Full details
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10 February 202116:00

John Cooper (Exeter), 'The Akhbar al-Sin wa-l-Hind: 9th-10th Century CE Indian Ocean Seafarer Narratives'

Dr John Cooper shares initial thoughts from his new research project on ninth-century nautical/travel/wonders literature, mainly 'The Accounts of India and China' and 'The Wonders of India'. He will present an overview of these works, their manuscript and translation history, the cultural milieu of their production, and their influences (e.g. on the Sindbad stories and hence the Arabian Nights). Full details
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1 July 20209:00

South Asia Centre PGR workshop

The event involves presentations by students from History, English, Geography and Anthropology at Exeter, and from the History department at Quaid-i Azam University, Islamabad, Pakistan. Commentators are from Exeter, Bristol, Royal Holloway, QAU, Islamabad, LUMS, Lahore and CSSSC Kolkata. Full details
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25 March 202017:00

The wreck of Warren Hastings: salvage, weather and insurance in the Indian Ocean NEW START TIME 5pm

Joint seminar with the Exeter South Asia Centre. Full details
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22 March 20199:30

Cities in South Asia

This event will bring together research students, advanced scholars and heritage practitioners for a multi-disciplinary discussion focussed on the study of cities in South Asia. All Welcome. Full details
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13 - 14 July 20189:00

Transactions and Documentation in the Persianate World

First workshop within the ERC-funded project ‘Forms of Law'. Full details
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3 May 201817:00

Baat-Cheet: India, China and the fear of the state next door, 1950-62

A South Asia Centre Baat-cheet seminar. Full details
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18 - 20 April 201811:00

BASAS 2018

The most important annual event of the biggest professional association for South Asianists in the UK. Full details
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21 February 201813:00

Baat-Cheet: Is India Ready for Universal Basic Income?

An Exeter South Asia Centre Baat-Cheet seminar. Full details
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14 February 201813:00

Baat-Cheet: Narrating war, imagining ideal warriors for the Maratha Empire: Marathi narratives from western India

This seminar is hosted in conjunction with the Centre for the Study of War, State and Society. Full details
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6 December 201715:00

Famine and Dearth in India and Britain: Texts, Images, Archives

A roundtable discussion focused on the project database as searchable digital archive and pedagogical tool, and on the overall project as an example of multilingual, interdisciplinary research that links insights of cultural history and comparative literature with current issues of global food security. Full details
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18 October 201713:00

Baat-Cheet: Company paintings workshop

This workshop is for conceptualising and planning an exhibition of Indo-British art, popularly known as 'Company paintings.' The exhibition would be jointly contributed to by the Victoria Memorial, Kolkata, and the RAMM, Exeter. The workshop will be led by Dr. Jayanta Sengupta, Secretary and Curator of Victoria Memoria, Kolkata.The workshop is organised and hosted by the Exeter South Asia Centre, in association with the Centre for Imperial and Global History. All welcome. Full details
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27 September 201712:00

Workshop "Heteroglossia in/and Translation"

Workshop on multi- and trans-lingual practice, including the historic and contemporary uses of heteroglossic vocabularies. Jointly organised by South Asia Centre and Centre for Translating Cultures, and featuring material-based discussion in pairs, each pair connecting and comparing the European and South Asian contexts. Full details
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17 September - 27 October 2017

At the Heart of the Nation: India in Britain

‘At the Heart of the Nation’ draws belated attention to the wide-ranging contributions Indians have long made to Britain’s cultural, economic, intellectual, political and social life. It is based on two major Open University research projects, 'Making Britain' and 'Beyond the Frame'. the exhibition launches in September 2017, and tours until November 2017. It will be showcased around the United Kingdom, in the cities of London, Edinburgh, and Leeds. The exhibition will be free and open to the public. Full details
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14 - 18 August 2017

Hindi-Urdu advanced language training workshop

Exeter’s Foreign Language Centre will become one of only a very small number of providers in the South West to offer this language course, which will provide beginners with an introduction to the study of both languages simultaneously.. Full details
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31 May 201713:00

Bengal special: two papers on the geography and history of Bengal

Two papers, by Andrea Butcher and Zuleikha Chaudhuri. Full details
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3 May 201716:00

Threads of connection: South Asian textiles in British collections

Above all else, prolonged commercial and eventually political connection between Britain and India began with trade in high value South Asian textiles. Indian-made silk and cotton cloth of high artistic and commercial value began to find its way into European markets from the seventeenth century, especially through the activities of the East India Company. A result of that history was the creation of significant personal and institutional collections of South Asian textiles, which have many tales to tell. Full details
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29 March 201713:00

Law, Literature and Indo-British Connections, Part II: Sir William Jones

Speaker: Dr Andrew Rudd (English, Exeter). Dr Rudd will continue to explore the connections between India and Britain in the 18th century, specially through the works of Sir William Jones, judge in eighteenth-century Calcutta, and noted Orientalist. Full details
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15 March 201712:30

Britain and India: Cross-Cultural Encounters

An English department seminar featuring talks by three members of the South Asia Centre. Speakers: Dr Ranita Chatterjee, Dr Ayesha Mukherjee and Dr Florian Stadtler. Full details
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8 March 201713:00

Baat-cheet seminar on “Legal Fictions: Law, Literature and Indo-British Connections in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries”

Speakers: Dr Andrew Rudd (Exeter) and Dr Nandini Chatterjee (Exeter). Full details
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8 February 201713:00

Baat-cheet seminar on "The Banker's Guide to Music: sound and politics in eighteenth-century Bengal"

Speaker: Dr Richard Williams (Oxford). Full details
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1 February 201713:00

Baat-cheet seminar on “Religious fragmentation and economic outcomes in India.”

Baat-cheet seminar on “Religious fragmentation and economic outcomes in India.” Speakers: Dr Surajeet Chakravarty. Full details
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18 January 201714:30

Workshop on 'New perspectives on the Indian Emergency, 1975-77'

This workshop on 'New perspectives on the Indian Emergency, 1975-77' is part of the Exeter South Asia Centre seminar series. Full details
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9 January - 31 March 2017

Baat-cheet: Exeter South Asia Centre Seminars

These are the seminars organised by the Exeter South Asia Centre or its individual members. Occasionally, we will advertise and recommend events organised by other centres and departments, if these have significant South Asian content.. Full details
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