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Past events

Reservations and the Rights of Citizenship: The Changing Narratives of India’s Policies of Social Reform

8 December 2016, 4-5:30 pm, Streatham Campus, Forum Seminar Room 2.
Prof. Wendy Singer, Roy T. Wortman Professor of History, Kenyon College, U.S.A. 

This talk examines narratives (in literature, media, law, and politics) about India’s system of Reservations, the policy, designed to rectify past discrimination by giving special provisions to communities that have suffered political and social repression in the past. All welcome. View the event poster for more information - Reservations and the Rights of Citizenship: The Changing Narratives of India's Polocies of Social Reform(.pdf)

Faith Communities and the Sense of Place: South Asian Buddhist Viharas translated to Leicester in the 21st century

Thursday 3rd March, 4.30pm, Forum Seminar Room 4
Guest speaker: Dr Ruth Young (University of Leicester)

While South Asia is the birthplace of Buddhism with key sites associated with the life of the Buddha – monasteries, temples and urban centres - charting the early development and spread of Buddhism, Buddhism is now a major world religion. In this age of globalisation and homogenisation, what is that makes a Buddhist structure distinct? This talk is based on fieldwork for a project in Leicester, analysing buildings used for faiths of South Asian origin.
This work is exploring ideas and issues around the particular elements of buildings that are considered sacred, and also just how followers use a building and what value the building itself has in terms of ritual and religion; findings which link to wider issues of identity and belonging in diaspora populations. The case study of the Leicester Buddhist Vihara will be presented and the results of fieldwork analysed and discussed. Emphasis will be placed on comparisons of traditional South Asian viharas and the vihara in moder-day UK.

Culture, Communication and Transnational Societies

21st and 22nd February 2016, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand

International conference co-hosted by the Faculty of Communication Arts, the Global Network and the India Studies Centre at Chulalongkorn University, and the Exeter South Asia Centre

Exeter South Asia Centre Postgraduate Research Symposium, and keynote talk

11th November 2015, 2pm, Alexander Building, Department of Drama

Talks by current Exeter/NIAS postgraduate students, and a keynote talk given by Professor Sumanyu Satpathy from the University of Delhi.
19th September 2014, Alexander Building, Department of Drama

'Intangible Histories'

Friday 19th September 2014, Department of Drama, Thornlea, Exeter

One-day interdisciplinary symposium featuring talks by faculty from the University of Exeter, and the National Institute of Advanced Studies in Bangalore.