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Sathnam Sanghera in conversation with Narinder Minhas

This event in the Creative Dialogues ‘in-conversation’ series featured executive producer and creative director of Sugar Films Narinder Minhas (an Exeter alumnus), and journalist, author and TV presenter Sathnam Sanghera in conversation. 

The discussion ranged across Sathnam’s experiences in journalism (he writes regularly for The Times) and his non-fiction books, including The Boy with the Top Knot, a memoir which was turned into a television drama in 2017. The Creative Dialogue also focussed on Sathnam’s more recent work with Narinder on the Channel 4 documentary The Massacre that Shook the Empire, exploring the history, politics and collective memory of empire through the Jallianwala Bagh massacre of 1919 (also known as the Amritsar massacre).