Isabel Moros


Ms Isabel Moros joined the Department as Language Coordinator for Hispanic Studies in 2001. In 2009, she became Senior Language Coordinator for Hispanic Studies and in 2011, Lecturer (Education and Scholarship). In October 2013, she was promoted to Senior Lecturer (Education and Scholarship).

After graduating from the University of Exeter in 1990 in Hispanic Studies, she completed a TEFL and RSA dip in Teaching Spanish Language obtaining a distinction. Ms Moros worked as a lexicographer on several projects such as: The Oxford Avanzado Spanish-English Dictionary -1st Edition 1996 (Oxford University Press) and The Richmond Spanish-English Student's Dictionary -1st Edition 1996 Santillana, S.A. Madrid (Spain). Prior to joining the Department, Ms Moros worked at other institutions including the University of Bristol and the Open University. During her time with the Open University she created strong links with this institution and taught as Associate Lecturer in all their modules and acted as external oral examiner for several years. She has been an External Examiner for Cardiff University for their programme on BSc Economies with a European Language amongst others and she is  currently also External Examiner for the University of Bath in their programme of International Management and Modern Languages (Spanish).

Ms Moros has a very extensive experience in teaching Spanish language for general and specific purposes, including module options in Commercial Spanish. She has coordinated the language module provision in Hispanic Studies since 2001. In September 2012, she was awarded a ASPIRE Senior Fellowship and in January 2013 received the Senior Fellowship award from the Higher Education Academy (HEA). During the academic year (2012-2013), Ms Moros worked closely with colleagues in Education Enhancement as part of their Collaborate project, directed by Ms Liz Dunne and supported by JISC. The aims of the project were to explore and redesign assessment, using it as a means for embedding employability in the curriculum. The experiences shared through Collaborate were recorded by the JISC project and they were used as examples of good practice in the new Education Strategy of the University of Exeter.

In 2014-2015, Ms Moros was awarded the University of Exeter Teaching Fellowship for her commitment to the discipline of Modern Languages and for her innovative approaches to assessment (authentic assessment) used in the delivery of her option modules and the clear connections with employability being embedded in the curriculum. Currently, she is the Academic Employability Officer for the Department of Modern Languages. She is also a Mentor for the ASPIRE Professional Development Programme and has taken part in ASPIRE Award Accreditation Panels for the last few years.