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Photo of Miss Amy Hopkins

Miss Amy Hopkins

Associate Lecturer in Chinese (E&S)

I studied a BA in Chinese Studies at Sheffield University, before moving into languages teaching. I teach Chinese and English to different level students, all the way from pre-school up to undergraduate and adult learners. I have also taught professionally in both the UK and China, as well as collaborating with local schools, communities and government to improve language teaching. After working for a spell as a lecturer in Baoding Geosciences University I continued with my studies, obtaining a PGDipEd followed by an MA in Applied Professional Studies in Education. My main research interest is in reading and literacy in Mandarin.

External impact and engagement

I teach both Mandarin Chinese and English as foreign languages, so I tend to focus on language teaching when I participate in community engagement.


When in China I have helped with English language provision. I was fortunate enough to be invited by Hangzhou local government to help improve their English language teaching in local schools with a summer teacher training programme. Additionally I developed a scheme of work for a Zhuhai language school to help young Chinese students with their English reading skills, all based around story books.


In the UK I often focus on Chinese language provision, being involved for many years with the Somerset Chinese Church, helping heritage students with their Mandarin language skills, especially their literacy. More recently I worked on a project with Access China UK to produce schemes of work and resources to help enable Mandarin teaching in UK primary schools.


My postgraduate work has all been in the area of teaching and learning, and I use my research to inform my teaching as much as I can. For example, my MA thesis was on Mandarin Chinese free choice reading and second language literacy, leading me to incorporate reading programmes in all levels of my language teaching in order to help students to progress faster in their reading comprehension levels. In Chinese this is particularly important, as character learning can comprise a large amount of the time studying the language. In general, the key to learning a language is to use it, and so my classes will always be a great deal about practice, in addition to theory.


Consulting, Resources and Curriculum Design 

Curriculum Designer, Access China UK, 09/2017.

Publication, HSK 1 Jack and the Beanstalk: A Simplified Story Book for Mandarin Learners 2017 available at . 

Teacher Trainer, Hangzhou Local Government, 08/2016. 

Curriculum Developer, The Reading Centre, 06/2016.

Language Consultant, Coventry University, 06/2015.

Teaching Experience 

Mandarin Teacher, Bede’s, 01/2018.

ESOL Tutor, QuQuABC, 09/2017- 12/2017.

ESOL Lecturer, Brockenhurst College, 09/2015-09/2017.

Mandarin and ESOL Teacher, Taunton School, 04/2015-08/2015.

English and Chinese Tutor, Self-Employed, 07/2014-04/2015.

Training Placements, Sheffield University, 09/2013-06/2014.

Chinese Teacher Somerset Chinese Church, 09/2011 -08/2015.

English and Culture Lecturer, Baoding University, 2012-2013.