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Staff profiles

Dr Clementine Force-Izzard



01392 724273

I hold a BA in English and an MA in Applied Linguistics and Language Teaching from the Sorbonne University. Throughout my teaching career, I have taught learners from a wide variety of language backgrounds and I have observed how their languages influence the acquisition of a new language. This has led me to embark on a PhD in Third Language Acquisition with the Sorbonne in order to examine the processes involved in the acquisition of a new language by multilingual speakers. 

Research interests

My research interests lie in the fields of Second and Third Language Acquisition, Multilingualism, Language Contact as well as Metalinguistic and Crosslinguistic Awareness. I am currently undertaking a PhD in Third Language Acquisition which investigates the acquisition of French by speakers of Spanish and English. It more particularly examines their crosslinguistic awareness and the compensatory strategies speakers use when trying to communicate in their target language.