Photo of Professor Sally  Faulkner

Professor Sally Faulkner

Public engagement

I run, or co-run, the following events that aim to connect my two areas of interest, Film studies and Modern Languages, especially Spanish and Portuguese, with public audiences, including local schools.

Film Studies

In collaboration with Exeter Phoenix, I co-curated the 2019 VIVA Spanish and Latin American Film Festival, which featured four films on tour from the Manchester VIVA festival, and a special screening of Fernando Fernán Gómez's 1963 El mundo sigue (Life Goes On) subtitled by University of Exeter students and introduced by the original producer's son, the Spanish director and producer Juan Estelrich. I hope to make this Spanish-language film festival an annual event in Exeter.

With Professor Will Higbee, I co-run the Subtitling World Cinema project, which seeks to make currently unsubtitled foreign-language films available to English-speaking audiences through free streaming. Fernando Fernán Gómez's Life Goes On is the first film to be subtitled through this project.

In collaboration with the Chagford Film Festival, I curate a Hispanic Cinema Day, which launched with the Almodóvar Day in 2018.

Modern Languages

In 2019 I launched the University's 'Languages in a Global World' public lecture series. Local MP and graduate of German, Ben Bradshaw, participated in our inaugural event.

In 2019 I co-hosted the Jornada didáctica del español, a training day for South-West teachers of Spanish at primary and secondary school (both GCSE and A-level) in collaboration with the Spanish Embassy, at the University.