Detail from the Word Cloud used as the project logo.

War in Other Words

‘War in other Words’ (WioW) is a public engagement project led by postgraduate research students in Modern Languages, in collaboration with Prof. Gert Vonhoff.

The memory of WWI reaches us in different forms, such as postcards, letters, diary entries, songs, poems, prose, newspaper reports and family artefacts.

Our website provides a repository of World War One documents in different languages, which will then be translated into English and given a voice again by producing recordings. Through the project we hope to contribute to the celebrations of the WWI centenary by adding international voices for a predominantly British audience.

At the same time the project wants to promote the learning and study of foreign languages. We are planning to work with schools, language and cultural societies, libraries, museums and other culturally interested institutions. Please contact us via the website if you want to discuss projects with us; members of the project are prepared to give talks, run workshops or be available for teaching.

The collection of content is seen as a work in progress over the coming years. In future, we will be looking into making the published material available in other formats as well – for example, in audio installations or multimedia exhibitions. The translation component of the project might open up new avenues for research in Translation Studies.

Institutions or private people are invited to engage with us via the website. We are especially interested in authentic WWI material which we can help to make publically available.