Lead partner

Prof Bernard Devauchelle Institut Faire Faces

UK project lead and coordinator, strand 3 (Representing the Face)

Prof David Houston Jones University of Exeter (Modern Languages and Cultures)

Project collaborators at Exeter

NameDisciplines and titles
Marjorie Gehrhardt Associate Research Fellow
Paddy Hartley Artist in Residence
Cristina Burke-Trees Curator, Project coordinator
Prof Tim Kendall Professor of English and Director of the Centre for South West Writing
Prof Mark Jackson Professor of the History of Medicine and Director of the Centre for Medical History
Dr Catriona Pennell History
Dr Laura Rowe History
Dr Tim Rees History
Prof Manuela Barreto Psychology; Social, Economic, Environmental and Organisational Group; Co-coordinator, Strand 2
Dr Thomas Morton Psychology
Dr Joe Kember Film
Dr James Ryan Geography
Dr Alex Murray English/Philosophy
Suzanne Steele English