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Modern Literary Studies

This group specialises in textual analysis and scholarly editing in French, German, Italian, Russian and Spanish literatures, as well as interdisciplinary and digital work on these literatures.

Significant grants held by members of the Modern Literary studies research group include Professor Katharine Hodgson's AHRC grant "Reconfiguring the Canon of Twentieth-Century Russian Poetry, 1991-2008", Professor Ricarda Schmidt's AHRC grant "Heinrich von Kleist. Kleist, Education and Violence: The Transformation of Ethics and Aesthetics" and Professor Gert Vonhoff's Leverhulme grant 'German Narrative Prose 1850-1930'. This group hosts two on-line databases: Lost Voices (The Evolution of Bourgeois and Non-bourgeois German Prose Fiction after 1850) and the Gutzkow Editions Project.

Other research activities include Professor Adam Watt's hosting of the MHRA-funded international conference Swann at 100 at Exeter in December 2013.

Staff membersResearch Area Email 
Professor Derek Flitter Spanish Romanticism, nineteenth- and twentieth- century Spanish intellectual history and poetry, the recovery of historical memory in Spain
Dr Ting Guo The role of translators and interpreters in the context of wars and political crises in China
Professor Katharine Hodgson The twentieth-century Russian Poetic Canon, before and after the collapse of the USSR 
Dr Emily Lygo Russian poetry of the Soviet period; Soviet Literary Politics and Policy; Literary translation in Russia; Anglo-Soviet Relations
Dr Muireann Maguire Nineteenth- and twentieth-century Russian literature. Cultural reception of science and scientists in Russian and Soviet culture. Tolstoy’s classicism; childbirth in Russian literature 
Dr Ana Martins Portuguese feminism and Lusophone postcolonial cultural studies
Dr Richard Mansell Translator strategies and translation history (Spanish)
Dr Melisa Moore Latin American cultural studies.  Politics, Poetics and Visual Culture in 1920s Peru
Professor Luciano Parisi Nineteenth- and twentieth- century Italian literature and contemporary Italian culture
Professor Ricarda Schmidt Education and violence in the work of Heinrich von Kleist; intermediality in twentieth-century German literature; 20th-century German women’s writing, particularly GDR literature, early 20th-century writing; configurations of gender in the work of Heinrich von Kleist and E.T.A. Hoffmann 
Professor Gert Vonhoff German Poetry from 1750 to 1850 and the development of prose writing;  Friedrich Schiller
Professor Adam Watt Marcel Proust; French Poetry of the late nineteenth and the twentieth century; literary and poetic translation 

Dr Chloe Paver 

German museum exhibitions and memorial sites; cultural memory; representations of the Third Reich in German and Austrian fiction and film;
fiction since the Wende
Dr Katharine Murphy

Senior Lecturer and Director of Programmes, Hispanic Studies (Spanish and English Modernists; Comparative Literature, knowledge exchange and transnational connections; Naturalism and regenerationism; Spanish post-war fiction)
Dr Maria Scott

Nineteenth- and twentieth-century French literature and literary theory

Listed below are the projects associated with the Modern literary studies research group that secured external funding. For information on other projects, please see individual staff pages or the research pages for each individual language.


Current projectsStaff member
Reconfiguring the Canon of Twentieth-Century Russian Poetry, 1991–2008 Professor Katharine HodgsonDr Alexandra Smith
The Gutzkow Edition Project Professor Gert VonhoffProfessor Martina Lauster
Heinrich von Kleist. Kleist, Education and Violence: the Transformation of Ethics and Aesthetics Professor Ricarda Schmidt 


Recent projectsStaff member
The History of the Society for Cultural Relations with the USSR, 1924–1991 Dr Emily Lygo 
Lost Voices (The Evolution of Bourgeois and Non-bourgeois German Prose Fiction after 1850) Professor Gert Vonhoff
The Reception and Translation of Classical Literature in Contemporary Women's Writing Dr Fiona Cox 
Translation of English-Language poetry into Catalan during the period 1931-1939   Dr Richard Mansell
A Quiet Revolution   Dr Melisa Moore
Polemics on the Periphery: Jose Carlos Mariategui and the Gathering Voices of Indigenist Dissent in Peru, 1923-1930   Dr Melisa Moore
The Environment in Latin America   Dr Melisa Moore
The Recovery of Historical Memory in Spain  Professor Sally FaulknerProfessor Derek Flitter

Our modern literary studies staff have been reigniting interest in their specialisms. Professor Katharine Hodgson's AHRC Network ‘Reconfiguring the Canon of Twentieth-Century Russian Poetry’ stimulates interest in Russian culture through a guest-edited issue of the journal Rossica (A Journey in Five Postcards [2011]), and a session at the annual Russian Literature Week (September 2011).

Professor Ricarda Schmidt’s AHRC-funded project 'Kleist, Education and Violence' led to 6 podcasts available through Warwick University's iTunes U programme (11,383 downloads to 31.7.13). It hosted four study days with film screenings (introduced by the collaborators of the project) for c140 A-level students from c45 different schools on justice and citizenship, and gender and violence (Warwick in November 2012, March and November 2013; Exeter in November 2013). In questionnaires following the first, 91% of students stated they gained new perspectives.

Finally, Professor Gert Vonhoff's work has led to innovations in teaching Goethe at German secondary schools.

Student nameSupervisorsThesis title
Veronica Butler Gert Vonhoff Life work of August Lewald
Elena Goodwin Katharine Hodgson and Emily Lygo The literary representation of Englishness in translated children's literature in Russia: a case study of classics of English children's fiction
Natalia Karakulina Katharine Hodgson and Emily Lygo Researching the position of Vladimir Maiakovskii in the post-Soviet canon of the 20thC Russian Poetry
Rebecca Knight Katharine Hodgson and Chloe Paver Representations of socialist childhood in the GDR and USSR in German and Russian fiction and autobiography
Clare Horackova Fiona Cox and Richard Mansell Traumatic Histories: Representations of (Post)Communist Czechoslovakia in Francophone Literature.
Beke Sinjen Gert Vonhoff and Ricarda Schmidt Working-class narrative prose from 1850 to 1930.
Sabrina Stolfa Gert Vonhoff and Ulrike Zitzlsperger German white collar workers' narrative prose.
Caterina Balistreri Emily Lygo Contemporary Russian children's literature as an expression of the building process of a new national identity 1991-2011.