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Translation Fest

11th-14th May 2021 


We are delighted to announce our Translation Fest, a series of online seminars which will take place between 11th and 14th May 2021. The seminars, discussing a wide range of topical subjects to date, have been designed to reflect on the interlinks between the theory and practice of translation and to celebrate the richness and complexity of Translation Studies as an inter-discipline. Prominent speakers include academic scholars spread around the world (from the UK to Australia and back to Italy, Belgium, Spain and the US!), translators of international calibre operating in Italy and multicultural writers as self-translators. Translation Fest have been jointly organised by the University of Exeter, UK (Dr Eliana Maestri) and the University of Ferrara, Italy (Prof. Eleonora Federici and Dr Giulia Giorgi) and supported financially by Exeter Global Partnerships (2020-21 Outward Mobility Academic Fellowship), POT Uni-Sco (Piano di Orientamento e Tutorato) and the Humanities at Ferrara (Dipartimento di Studi Umanistici). Translation Fest is hosted by the Centre for Translating Cultures, the University of Exeter.  


Please see our rich programme attached. All are welcome. 

Postgraduate students in Translation Studies are particularly invited to attend. 

The registration link is now live at  

Please register by 10th May 2021 to receive the link to the Meet sessions before the start of the webinars. ‌



Please note that the time specified in the programme for each session is:

Rome, EU time (CEST / UTC+2h)


For those in other time zones:

London, UK time (BST / UTC+1h), is 1 hour behind of CEST

Melbourne, Australia (AEST / UTC+10h), is 8 hours ahead of CEST

Auckland, New Zealand (NZST / UTC+12h), is 10 hours ahead of CEST

New York, USA (EDT / UTC-4h), is 6 hours behind of CEST

Tunis, Tunisia (CET / UTC+1h), is 1 hour behind of CEST