China and the Third World: Foreign Relations and Nation Building in China in the Cold War Era (MLM3011)

15 credits

The module aims to provide you with a new perspective in understanding the making of the People’s Republic of China’s foreign policy. The “third world” will be the key concept of discussion for this course. It will address key issues such as the Sino-Japanese War criminal problem, the Korean War, the Bandung conference, the Sino-Taiwanese relations, the Sino-Arab relations, the Sino-Soviet split, and the P.R. China’s admission into the UN. In addition to the linear historical narrative of major events in P. R. China during the Cold War period, this course will also allow you to understand from an analytical perspective the relations between Chinese foreign policy and its domestic nation building concern. The primary materials discussed in this course will include Chinese Communist propaganda posters, political documents/writings, music, literature, and films.