Reconfiguring the Canon of Twentieth Century Russian Poetry, 1991-2008


A Journey in Five Postcards

Produced with the support of Academia Rossica, the poetry anthology A Journey in Five Postcards (Academia Rossica: UK. 2011) was the first publication from the project. Six contributors, G. S. Smith, Ilya Kukulin, Stephanie Sandler, Alexandra Smith, Andrei Zorin, and the editor, Katharine Hodgson, selected five twentieth-century poems. What they have chosen offers a showcase for the twentieth century's poetry and provides a selection of works that continue to hold meaning for today's readers. Many of the translations in the anthology are new, produced specially for this publication, by a team of translators including some of the contributors.

"This anthology, a special edition of Rossica: International Review of Russian Culture, contains only thirty translated poems, but is resonant beyond its modest size."

"The translations of often complex poems by some of the twentieth century's most complex poets are accurate and in general serve to make the reader wish there were more of them."

"It might seem facetious to call this journal - beautifully edited, handsomely printed, illustrated with Boris Smirnov's evocative photographs of empty balconies and frozen rivers - a mere "taster", but it certainly whets the appetite for any further publications in connection with the editor's research project."

Review by James Womack, TLS, 28 October 2011, p. 30.