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French staff profiles

Staff profiles

French Staff
Ms Caroline Blay Associate Lecturer in French (E&S) (Penryn)
Professor Michelle Bolduc Professor in Translation Studies
Dr Zoë Boughton Senior Lecturer in French (The sociolinguistics and dialectology of French)
Professor Aidan Coveney Associate Professor of French Language and Linguistics (Variation and change in the French language)
Professor Fiona Cox Professor of French and Comparative Literature (Reception of classical literature, especially Virgil and Ovid, in literature and culture since the nineteenth century; contemporary women’s writing in French)
Dr Clementine Force-Izzard Lecturer
Candice Francois Associate Lecturer in French (E&S)
Dr Damien Gaucher Lecturer in French (E&S)
Professor William Higbee Professor in Film Studies and Programme Link Manager for the London Film School Partnership (Representations of Marginality and Ethnicity in French cinema since 1980)
Dr Thomas Hinton Senior Lecturer in French (French and Occitan literature of the twelfth and thirteenth centuries)
Dr Adam Horsley Lecturer in French (Lecturer in French)
Professor David Houston Jones Professor of French and Visual Culture (The visual legacy of conflict, trauma and testimony in French culture. Visual archives and installation art)
Professor Melissa Percival Associate Dean of Global, Professor (French, Art History and Visual Culture) (Art, literature and the history of ideas of the French eighteenth century)
Dr Lucie Riou Associate Lecturer in French (E&S)
Professor Hugh Roberts Professor of French Renaissance Literature (French Renaissance Literature; gossip, nonsense and obscenity in French Renaissance texts)
Professor Maria Scott Associate Professor of French Literature and Thought (French literature of the nineteenth century, particularly Baudelaire's poetry and prose poetry and the novels of Stendhal; thinking about the visual, about gender, and about reading/reception from the nineteenth century to the present)
Dr Helene Street Associate Lecturer (E&S)
Dr Helena Taylor Postdoctoral Research Fellow (Early modern French literature; classical reception; women's writing)
Dr Helen Vassallo Senior Lecturer (French) (Contemporary women's writing in French and the legacy of the Algerian War of Independence)
Professor Adam Watt Associate Dean for Research and Impact, College of Humanities, Professor of French and Comparative Literature (Marcel Proust; the history of the novel in French; late-nineteenth and twentieth-century writing in French from a comparative perspective; poetry and creative translation.)
Samir Zarqane Associate Lecturer in French (E&S)