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Name: Cambridgeshire Archives


Postal address: Shire Hall
Castle Hill
Town: Cambridge
County: Cambridgeshire
Post code: CB3 0AP
Telephone: 01223 699399
Web address:

49 documents found for Cambridgeshire Archives:

Code Description Date Keywords

letter from Vice Admiral Sir David Mitchell, 1704

1704   navy correspondance

seal of the office of Admiralty of the borough of King's Lynn courts

  admiralty court

letter from Lord Nelson on HMS Victory to Sir Charles Cotton regarding appointment for one Gillespie, 1805

1805   correspondence navy

copy letter from Captain Richard Knight to his father Admiral Sir Richard King, 27 October 1805, with description of battle of Trafalgar


1805   correspondence navy war

letter to Admiral Sir Richard Knight from W.H. Hamilton regarding hopes for regaining naval post, 1828

1828   navy correspondence

two letters from William King at Plymouth and on the Simla to his family, 18 & 26 July 1854

1854   correspondence navy

two letters from W. Sandwich at Hinching Brook concerning the appointment of a navy surgeon, 20 September & 5 October 1775

1775   correspondence navy medical

Admiralty letter of authorisation to Sir Charles Cotton regarding the Hobby Horse, his private rowing boat, with reference to not engaging in smuggling, 13 July 1785

1785   Admiralty smuggling

letter from Sir Charles Cotton to Lady Cotton with naval news including death of Nelson, 11 November 1805

1805   navy correspondance

misc. correspondence relating to naval affairs, 1807, 1808

1807 - 1808 navy

letters from Admiral Rowley to Vice Admiral Sir Charles Cotton, 1810

1810   navy correspondance

letters from Admiral Berkeley at Lisbon to Vice Admiral Sir Charles Cotton, 1810

1810   navy correspondance

account of Admiral Cornwallis' attack on French ships, 1795

1795   navy

 letters to Lady Philadelphia Cotton, 1810-12, regarding naval news, Sir Charles Cotton, Admiral Rowely's death

1810 - 1812 navy correspondance

letters and certificate concerning will of Charles Cotton, midshipman on Princess Charlotte, 16 & 22 July 1850

1850   navy death

papers of Sir Charles Cotton, admiral of the White, 1753-1812, including naval orders, 1779-83, log book of the Prince, 1799; misc. papers, 1800-1812; notebook, 1804-7; appointment papers; bundles of misc. papers relating to naval affairs m

1753 - 1812 navy correspondence

plan of proposed Wapping Dock and Basin, 1800

1800   ports harbours development

transcript of last letter of Lord Nelson on HMS Victory to Emma Hamilton, 1805

1805   navy correspondence

tricolour cockade of the captain of the Hercule sent to Lady Cotton, 4 June 1862

1862   navy

regarding Nelson Blacklock alias Robert Smith of HMS Deptford, 1736

1736   navy

drafts of sermons preached by Revd George Whitaker, mid-nineteenth century, including the Canada, Cunard steamship, 1856

1856   religion ships

reference to Scarborough ships at Kings Lynn, 1732


1732   shipping

receipt by Pay Office for letters of adminstration of John Goodman, late of HMS Spitfire, St Domingo and Anaconda, 1824

1824   navy

volume compiled by vicar of Swaffham Prior Church of misc. papers including relating to the Berlin, G.E.R. Steamer wrecked off Hook of Holland, 1907

1907   ships wrecks

certificate of Office of Prizes regarding seaman's will, 1834 recruitment


bastardy bond relating the wife of Samuel Westwood of HMS Defence, 1810

1810   navy

baptisms in parish register of St Clement for sons of Edward Coulson on HM Sloop Albacore, 1812

1812   navy

orders to raise a man of Fordham for naval service, 1795 service

1795   navy recruitment

letter of Revd H. Lumsdale describing life and work in the Falkland Islands, 1932

1932   travel
R102/062 Port of Wisbech: register of crews engaged 1851 - 1909 harbours mariners
R105/003 Wisbech Port (addnl): register of merchant ships 1885-1974, transfer register, 1959-1985 and registration papers, 1937-94 1937 - 1994 harbours trade
R105/099 Whittlesey Wash Commissioners : records 1854-20th cent. 1854 - 1999

letter to Thomas Chapman from Gaspard L. Marchet, Newfoundland, regarding conditions there, 1849

1849   mariners

bill of sale of share in the Mary of King's Lynn, 22 August 1836


1836   shipping

order from R. Rudder to Captain Campden of HMS Gloucester regarding heading convoy to the South Seas, 7 June 1748

1748   navy

shipment books for sugar grown in Jamaica, 1795-1819

1795 - 1819 trade commerce

two bundles of Tharp estate papers, 1863-5, including invoices for goods shipped to Jamaica, insurance policies, accounts of sales of goods shipped from Jamaica, 1863-5

1863 - 1865 trade commerce West Indies

bundle of letters sent to John Tharp in Jamaica, 1777-1804, including shipping accounts from William Miles, 1795, 1798, accounts notice for shipping madeira wine to Jamaica, 1802

1777 - 1804 trade commerce West Indies correspondence

letters from James Wareing of Liverpool to John Tharp sen. regarding ships in which Tharp had interests, 1801

1801   trade commerce correspondence

two letters of Caleb Fletcher of Liverpool to John Tharp sen. relating to banking and shipping, 1803-4

1803 - 1804 correspondence trade commerce

account of HM ships prepared for war, seventeenth century

1600 - 1699 navy

eight letters from Henrietta Collison regarding travel to the continent including Ostend and Corfu, 1845

1845   travel

daily journal of voyage of SS Essex from Portsmouth to Madras, June - September 1841

1841   travel journal

recommendation of F.C. Herbert for Lieut., appointment as mate on HMS Niagara and commendation for organising port of Sinope, 1839-57

1839 - 1857 navy recruitment

letters and journal of Daniel Wheeler on religious visit to Pacific Islands, 1835-8

1835 - 1838 travel religion

journal of John Candler in Jamaica, 1840

1840   travel
R65/5/box 6

misc. papers of the Smith family of Dry Dayton including papers regarding Admiral Sir George King's settlement, 1858-73; bank books of Admiral Sir Charles Cotton, 1796-1818; naval papers of Sir Charles Cotton as captain of HMS Mars, 1794-6<

1858 - 1873 navy documents

Wisbech crew lists of 94 vessels, 1863-1913

1863 - 1913 shipping

two volumes of registers of Wisbech ships, 1836-54 and transactions register only of ships registered up to 1854, 1855-77

1836 - 1877 shipping