Dr Jennie England

Postdoctoral Research Fellow


01392 727509

My research and teaching interests are focused on the history of High Medieval England. 

So far, my work has focused on the role of monasteries in royal ceremonial display and the documentary culture of these religious communities. My research on a twelfth-century manuscript from Winchester Cathedral priory has been published in 2017 volume of the Haskins Society Journal.

Future projects include the first dedicated study of Gloucester Abbey in the eleventh and twelfth-centuries, and developing an exhibition at Exeter Cathedral—‘Forging the Past in Medieval Exeter’—for May 2019.

External impact and engagement

A key part of my position at Exeter is related to public engagement. Alongside Dr Levi Roach, I am working on several impact activities related to medieval forgeries.

This includes an exhibition (due in May 2019) at Exeter Cathedral titled ‘Forging the Past in Medieval Exeter’, and a series of workshops directed at sixth-form History students at local schools.


I studied my undergraduate and postgraduate degrees at the University of York. I submitted my PhD in 2018.

My doctoral research focused on the twelfth-century abbeys of Westminster, Winchester, and Gloucester, with particular emphasis on these communities' roles as royal houses and their different types of writing, both text and record.

From January 2019 I started a six-month position at the University of Exeter as a Postdoctoral Research Associate.