Dr Ismini Pells

Associate Research Fellow


I am an Associate Research Fellow on the project 'The Medical World of Early Modern England, Ireland and Wales c. 1500-1715', led by Professor Jonathan Barry and funded by the Wellcome Trust, in the Centre for Medical History.

My particular interest is in the military history of the seventeenth century and at the present time, I am researching the impact of warfare on the development of medicine and surgery in this period and also examining cases of potential psychological trauma amongst soldiers who fought in the English Civil War and its associated conflicts.

I am an Honourary Fellow of the Wolfson Foundation Research Centre for Care, Welfare and Medicine at the National Civil War Centre in Newark. I have contributed towards a new exhibition at the Centre on 'Surgery, Medicine and Military Welfare during the British Civil Wars', opening in February 2016.

My PhD thesis examined the life and career of Philip Skippon, commander of the infantry in parliament's New Model Army durng the Civil War. I have recently published a chapter 'Scriptural Truths? Calvinist Internationalism and Military Professionalism in the Bible of Philip Skippon' in Writing the Lives of People and Things, AD 500-1700, ed. R.F.W. Smith and G.L. Watson (Ashgate, 2016). I am currently working on turning my research on Skippon into a monograph for publication.