Photo of Dr Christopher McIntosh

Dr Christopher McIntosh

Honorary University Fellow


Honorary University Fellow

Lecturer, History (Western Esotericism)

Module convener for taught module HISM 155 (Rosicrucianism and Freemasonry) for the MA in Western Esotericism at the Exeter Centre for the Study of Esotericism (EXESESO)

Research interests

  • Rosicrucianism
  • Freemasonry
  • Modern magical and esoteric movements
  • Cultural influence of esotericism
  • Nature-oriented spirituality
  • Neo-Pagan movements
  • Interface between history and myth

Research supervision

MA dissertations supervised include:

The Influence of Ancient Greek Mystery Rites on Western Esoteric Ritual

To What Extent Can Modern Shamanism be Described as Part of Western Esotericism?

An Analysis of Aleister Crowley's Book of the Law

The Revival of Neoplatonic Magic in the 19th Century: Imagination and the Astral Light in the Work of Eliphas Lévi

Rev. Robert Kirk: A Walker Between Worlds? Balancing theology, science and the "Gaelic Otherworld" in late 17th-century Scotland

Born Again? The Esoteric Runology of the Rune Gild

The History, Symbolism and Significance of the Past Master's Jewel of English Freemasonry



Academic background

BA/MA in Philosophy, Politics and Economics, Oxford University (1965).

BA in German language and literature, London University (1978).

D.Phil. in history, Oxford University (1989).


Books published

The Astrologers and their Creed (London: Hutchinson, 1969)

Eliphas Lévi and the French Occult Revival (London: Rider, 1972; new edition, Albany: SUNY Press, 2011).

The Rosicrucians (latest edition, York Beach, Maine: Samuel Weiser, 1997)

Ludwig II of Bavaria. Biography (London: Allen Lane, 1982; revised edition, London: I.B.Tauris, 2012).

The Rose Cross and the Age of Reason, based on D. Phil. dissertation (Leiden: Brill, 1992; new edition, Albany, SUNY Press, 2011).

Gardens of the Gods (London: I.B. Tauris, 2005).



Eranos: an Alternative Intellectual History of the Twentieth Century (Sheffield: Equinox Publishing, scheduled for October 2012). German original: Thomas Hakl, Der verborgene Geist von Eranos.


Recent articles

"‘Fräulein Sprengel’ and the Origins of the Golden Dawn: A Surprising Discovery," in Aries, 11:2 (2011), 249-257.

"The Phlogiston Theory: A Late Relic of Pre-Enlightenment Science," in Handbook of Religion and the Authority of Science, edited by James R. Lewis and Olav Hammer (Leiden: Brill, 2011).

"Gardens of Initiation," in G Magazine, Romania, scheduled for 2012.

"Eliphas Lévi (1810-1875)," in The Occult World, edited by Christopher Partridge (London: Routledge, scheduled for 2013).