Research events play an important role in our active research culture. Academic staff from the University and other institutions come together with students to share and debate the latest ideas and developments.

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2 October 201916:00

CMS Welcome Meeting

A meet and greet for the medievalists with drinks and nibbles.. Full details
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9 October 201915:30

Centre for Early Modern Studies AGM & Welcome

All are welcome to attend the AGM and welcome reception afterwards.. Full details
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16 October 201916:00

Margaret of Turenne and the Case Longshanks Lost: Justice, Remedy, and Jurisdictional Conflicts in Late Thirteenth-Century English Gascony

Sebastian Rider-Bezerra is a PhD candidate at Yale and an Associate Research Fellow at Exeter. His talk concerns his current research into Margaret of Turenne and the exploitation of legal ambiguities in Gascony in the late thirteenth century.. Full details
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23 October 201913:30

Black History Month at CEMS: Decolonising the Early Modern, a reading group

The reading for this session will be circulated via the CEMS mailings list in advance. For further details please contact Full details
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6 November 201915:30

Early Modern Dialogues in Performance: a CEMS workshop

A workshop led by David Parry. The dialogue will be circulated in advance via the CEMS mailing list, for more details please contact Full details
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6 November 201916:00

Contested Masculinity and Conflicted Identities in the Lais of Marie de France

Jennifer Farrell investigates the lais of Marie de France using gender and queer perpectives. Full details
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15 November 201917:30

The Joyce Youings Memorial Lecture: Professor Peter Marshall (Warwick)

Full details
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20 November 201915:30

CEMS: Paddy Bullard (Reading): What Book History tells us about Eighteenth-Century Georgic

Centre for Early Modern Studies Research Seminar. Full details
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20 November 201916:00

English: The Forgotten Language of the Medieval Church

Prof. Helen Gittos tells us about her recent research on the intersections of liturgy and the vernacular in medieval England before the Reformation. Full details
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4 December 201915:30

Work In Progress at the Centre for Early Modern Studies

New members of CEMS will introduce their research interests. Speakers: Chris Ewers (English), Rethinking temporality in the long eighteenth century. Meredith Hale (Art History and Visual Culture), title to follow. Elin Jones (History), Passages of Time: Maritime Temporality and the Royal Navy, 1750 – 1850.. Full details
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4 December 201918:00

Barton Lecture: Writing the History of the Sultan Saladin

This year's Simon Barton Memorial Lecture is being given by Prof. Jonathan Phillips, one of the UK's leading experts on the Crusades. He has published major works on the Second and Fourth Crusades, and is currently writing a new history of the Third. He is also well known to the public through his various appearances on TV and radio. This talk draws on his recently published book 'The Life and Legend of the Sultan Saladin' (Yale, 2019) and pays tribute to Simon Barton's work on Islam and Spain. Full details
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22 January 202016:00

Some Initial Thoughts about Understanding the Psychology of the Medieval Combatant

Dr Rob Jones completed his PhD on medieval military display at Cardiff. He currently works for Advanced Studies in England, which offers study abroad programmes for students from the US. His talk will discuss the pyschology of combat and will draw on recent research and, no doubt, his own experiences with medieval weaponry. Full details
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19 February 202016:00

Employment in the Heritage Sector

Nick Holder is Senior Properties Historian at English Heritage and an Honorary Research Associate at Exeter. In this talk, he will discuss employment opportunities for historians in the heritage sector, and highlight some of the skills and experiences that are needed to pursue careers in this area. Full details
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4 March 202016:00

Working title: Medieval Maritime

Prof. Sebastian Sobecki will talk on an aspect of medieval maritime history. Full details
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25 March 202018:00

Orme Lecture

This year's annual Orme Lecture will be given by Prof. Elisabeth van Houts. Full details
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29 April 202016:00

The Birgittine Brothers of Syon Abbey: Patterns of Vocation Revealed by the Syon Martiloge and Other Records of their Lives, c. 1415-1600

Dr Virginia Bainbridge, an Honorary Research Associate at Exeter, will discuss her recent research on the monks of Syon Abbey during the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. This talk draws on the manuscripts and archives from the 'Syon Abbey Collection' which is held by the University Library. Full details
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13 May 202015:00

Workshop on Sex and Infertility

This workshop is co-hosted with the Centre for Medical History. Dr Zubin Mistry will talk about his research into childlessness in early medieval societies. Full details
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