Postgraduate study

The Centre offers MPhil and PhD supervision of topics closely linked to staff research interests. With several MPhil-PhD students currently pursuing their research with supervisors attached to it, the Centre for War, State and Society boasts a wide range of postgraduate student interests, complementary to those of Centre staff. Current PhD research topics include:

  • Changing patterns of eighteenth-century warfare
  • The Right and Ultra-Right in Second Republic Valencia
  • Women, Auxiliaries and the Royal Air Force
  • Partisan Warfare and Collaboration in Soviet Ukraine
  • Institutional-Building and Political Cultures in French-Mandate Syria
  • The United Nations, Refugees, and Displaced Persons in French-Occupied Germany after 1945
  • Acholi Identity Politics in Colonial and Post-Colonial Uganda

Current postgraduate students

Below is a list of all our associated students, their supervisors and their projects. You can also read case studies from our current students in our student profiles page, to find out more about their research projects and why they chose to study at Exeter.

Student nameSupervisorsThesis title
Richard Batten Timothy Rees and Richard Toye A social history of the impact of World War One on the rural life of the West Country
Eugenie Buchan Richard Overy and Joseph Smith Politics of air power in US-China relations, 1928–1942
Kevin Cahill Henry French and Timothy Rees Agricultural landholding in Devon
Rachel Chin Martin Thomas Anglo-French Relations and Mers El-Kebir: Rhetorical Justification and Imperial Associations
Andrew English Jeremy Black and Laura Rowe US Civil War the ironclad CSS MISSISSIPPI
Paul Freer Richard Overy and Jeremy Black Assess the contribution made by the development of target marking techniques to the prosecution of the bomber offensive during WW2
Helen Frost Richard Overy and David Thackeray The Representation of the Strategic Bombing Campaign against Germany in the Allied (both national and international) Media and the Interpretation and Reception of that Representation by the General Public, 1939–1945
Jennifer Gray Richard Overy and Matthias Reiss The British and their Dead Servicemen, Western Europe, 1944–1950
Jonathan Hadley-Piggin Richard Overy and Laura Rowe Clandestine British submarine operations in World War Two
Matthew Heaslip Laura Rowe and Richard Overy The impact of financial cutbacks and restrictions upon the ability of the Royal Navy to realign itself, during the 1920's, to meet the challenges of the early Interwar period
Laure Humbert Martin Thomas and Richard Overy France and the Displaced Persons problem in Occupied Germany and Austria 1945–55
Stephen Lynam Timothy Rees and Martin Thomas Centre-Right Politics in the Spanish Province of Valencia 1931–1936
Simon Mackley Richard Toye and Martin Thomas Liberal Language, Imperial Cause: Rhetoric, Empire and the Liberal Tradition in British Politics
Clare Maudling

Richard Overy and Richard Toye

Utopian Dreams or Peacetime Pragmatism?
Ryan Patterson Jeremy Black and Richard Noakes Technophilia in Victorian Britain and the machine gun in imperial culture
Edwards Scaplehorn Laura Rowe and Richard Overy Auxiliary Fleet: Merchant shipping in combat roles (British, twentieth century)
David Singeisen Richard Toye and Jeremy Black The French Revolution and changing uses of military force in international relations
Trevor Stone Richard Overy and Laura Rowe Air logistics in the Second World War
James Villalard Jeremy Black and Michael Duffy Dgieu Sauve Le Roé, Nouot' Duc!”: The Military Experience of the Channel Islands from 1750 to 1820
Robert Wilson Jeremy Black and Roger Morriss Britain's Black Navy: Afro-Caribbeans in British Naval Service, 1700–1835
Larysa Zariczniak Richard Overy and James Mark An oral history of the power struggle between Poles and Ukrainians during and after the Second World War