Maritime Ethnography of the Red Sea and the Arabian or Persian Gulf

MARES is a three year, multi-disciplinary, multi-period project focusing on the maritime traditions of the peoples of the Red Sea and Arabian-Persian Gulf. Drawing on ethnography, archaeology, history and linguistics, it seeks to understand how people have inhabited and navigated these seascapes in late antiquity and the medieval period, and how they do so today.

The MARES Project team is based at the Institute for Arab and Islamic Studies (IAIS) at the University of Exeter in South West England. The project is led by Professor Dionisius Agius, Al Qasimi Professor of Arabic Studies and Islamic Material Culture and the research team includes post-doctoral research associates Dr John P Cooper and Dr Chiara Zazzaro, and PhD candidates Julian Jansen van Rensburg and Lucy Semaan. Research administrative support comes from Beata Faracik.

The project is funded by the Golden Web Foundation, based in Cambridge, UK. 

For more information, see the project website.