Medicine and Surgery through Time: Developing Links with Learners

The Centre for Medical History, in partnership with the Devon & Exeter Medical Society and Imaginarium (Learning Consultants), successfully secured a People Award from the Wellcome Trust to engage the interest of school students (GCSE & A level) and medical students in the history of medicine and surgery. Working with Devon & Exeter Medical Society's extensive collection of historical medical instruments, the project identified, formally accessioned and digitally photographed a core collection from over 6000 artefacts, archive items and ephemera.

The project encompassed four key phases of work:

1. The development of an education partnership programme with secondary schools in the South West.
2. The identification and establishment of a handling collection.
3. The identification and establishment of a teaching collection.
4. The creation of e-learning resources to complement and extend physical access to the collection.

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