About the Centre

The Centre for Maritime Historical Studies was formed in 1991 as a result of the perceived need to promote a wider understanding of the significance of maritime history within the world of historical scholarship. Taking on the theme that the seas connect rather than divide mankind, the Centre and its members set out to explore the nature of these connections and how this impacted on all aspects of the economy and society, and, through the emergence of navies to contest and control these connections, had a major impact on the development and policies of governments.

The Centre staff is especially committed to supervise MA and PhD students and to encourage them in the publication of their books and articles.

In addition to their publications, the Centre's staff have undertaken the task of promoting maritime research more widely. Dr Michael Duffy was for ten years editor of The Mariner's Mirror, The Journal of the Society for Nautical Research and Dr Roger Morriss is the present general editor for the Navy Records Society.