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Lagas Mapping Tool – Keeping an Up-to-date Eye on Cornwall’s Environment and Economy

Lagas Mapping Tool


  • Lagas share’s information about Cornwall’s unique landscape and environment, to help the public and businesses in the region to engage with nature.
  • The platform has been developed through Tevi, an ERDF funded project operated by the University of Exeter, alongside our partner organisations: Cornwall Council, Cornwall Development Company and Cornwall Wildlife Trust.
  • Lagas is built on environmental data, including in-depth mapping developed through the SWEEP programme, Tevi, and other projects at the University of Exeter.


Lagas is being developed through the Tevi, SWEEP and other projects to support environmental growth in Cornwall. A unique environmental intelligence platform, it brings together cutting-edge environmental research and stakeholder engagement through high resolution mapping and associated tools.

Lagas is designed specifically to support environmental growth in Cornwall. As such, we chose a Cornish name. ‘Lagas’ is a Cornish word meaning ‘eye’, which reflects visualisation – of our data, and of Cornwall’s valuable landscape, nature and wildlife, which we are communicating through this exciting new platform."

Visit our website to find maps on areas as diverse as future farming crops grown; which areas are the most popular; areas of opportunity for natural capital and environmental growth such as woodland management and heathland development; and the concentration of small businesses throughout Cornwall.

Our website is designed to help to deliver a healthy natural environment alongside a vibrant economy in Cornwall.  We aim to develop new economic and environmental opportunities to help Cornwall play its part in the global transition towards a circular economy and environment-led development.

»Find out more on the Lagas website