Recent and Forthcoming Early Modern Events

Spring Term

Adam Smyth (Oxford)
‘Recycled Books’.
CEMS Seminar Series, Wednesday 24 January, 4pm, Streatham Court B.

Helen Watanabe-O’Kelly (Oxford, Emerita)
‘Marrying Cultures: Queens Consort & European Identities, 1500-1800’.
CEMS Seminar Series & Centre for Translating Cultures Seminar, Wednesday 7 February, 3.30pm, Queens LT 6.2

Brodie Waddell (Birkbeck)
‘The work of writing and the writing of work: artisan authors in England, c.1600-1750’.
CEMS Seminar Series, Wednesday 21 February, 4pm, Streatham Court B.

Jane Whittle & members of the Women’s Work project team (Exeter)
‘Women’s Work in Rural England 1500-1700’.
CEMS Seminar on International Women’s Day, Wednesday 7 March, 4pm, Streatham Court B.

Sebastiaan Verweij (Bristol)
Title TBC.
CEMS Seminar Series, Wednesday 21 March, 4pm, Streatham Court B.

Angela Muir (Cardiff) and Sarah Fox (Manchester)
‘Childbirth and Midwifery in Early Modern Britain’.
Centre for Medical History Seminar, Wednesday 21 March, 3pm, Digital Humanities Seminar Room.

Summer Term

CEMS Digital Humanities Mini-Symposium: Mapping people and places in the early modern world
Thursday 3 May. Details to follow.        

CEMS Postgraduate Conference 2018: Space, Place and Interface
Wednesday 23 and Thursday 24 May.