Professor Corinna Wagner

Research interests

   History of Medicine; Medical Humanities

  • body studies, literature and art
 Michel Foucault, discipline and bio-politics epidemics, pandemics and public health reform early photography, medicine and urban reform sexuality and gender

Art History and Visual Culture; Architectural History; Photography

  • art and anatomy since the Enlightenment; figuration and body art; art and Romantic and Victorian medievalism neo-gothic architects and artists, especially John Ruskin, Thomas Carlyle, William Morris, Caspar David Friedrich, Henri Fuseli, Goya, A W N Pugin and Gilbert Scott; gothic art and film 

   Literature and Culture of the Long Nineteenth Century

  • Victorian gothic literature and sensation fiction, esp. Wilkie Collins, Bram Stoker, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle • materialism and literature
• utilitarianism, esp. William Godwin, Jeremy Bentham and John Stuart Mill • literature and the global world • Romanticism, esp. William Blake, Mary Shelley