Dr Christopher Stokes

Senior Lecturer


Extension: 01326 371898

Telephone: 01326 371898

Dr Christopher Stokes is a Lecturer in English at the Penryn Campus. He is the author of Coleridge, Language and the Sublime (Palgrave Macmillan, 2011), a study of Coleridge's aesthetics and thought, as well as many articles on Romantic poets in leading international journals. His current research includes a second monograph, Romantic Prayer: Reinventing the Poetics of Devotion 1773-1832 (currently under review), and a project on Quaker writers in the long nineteenth century.

His research interests include the intersection of poetry, religion and theology; subjectivity and embodiment in literature; and the history of aesthetics and philosophy more broadly in the Romantic era. His teaching spans across the eighteenth- and nineteenth-centuries, and he convenes a special option on states of extremity (e.g. hysteria, trauma, incest) in nineteenth-century writing.

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