Photo of Professor Laura Salisbury

Professor Laura Salisbury

Research supervision

I am interested in supervising PhD students working in the following areas: modernism (broadly, but particularly Samuel Beckett); interdisciplinary approaches to literature and neuroscience; medical humanities; psyshcoanalysis and literature; modernism and critical theory; literature and ethics; literature, temporality and affect.

Please feel free to email if you would like to discuss your prospective project informally.  

Research students

Current Students

2015 Imola Nagy-Seres, co-supervisor, ‘Empathy in Contemporary Fiction’

2015 Ana Tomcic, first supervisor, ‘Sexuality, Psychoanalysis and the Work of Djuna Barnes’ (South, West and Wales AHRC Doctoral Training Partnership)

2014 Emma Geen, second supervisor, ‘Stories in the Skin’ (South, West and Wales AHRC Doctoral Training Partnership)

2014 Joshua Powell, first supervisor, ‘Perception and Affect in Beckett’s Late Works’ 

2014 Jackie Hopson, first supervisor ‘The Psychiatrist in Fiction’ 

2014 Richard Graham, second supervisor, ‘Memory in the Age of the Internet’ (AHRC funded)

2014 Richard Carter, second supervisor, ‘Digital Literature’ (AHRC funded) 

2014 Sophia David, second supervisor, ‘Eco-Criticism and Contemporary Fiction’ (AHRC funded) 

2013- Ji-suk Park, second supervisor, ‘Beckett and Deleuze’, (London Consortium)


Students supervised to completion

2015 Hannah Proctor, first supervisor, ‘Russian Revolutionary Psychology’ (AHRC funded) (Birkbeck)

2015 Laura Seymour, co-supervisor, ‘Shakespeare and Neuroscience’ (Birkbeck)

2015 Elizabeth Micakovic, first supervisor, ‘T S Eliot’s Voice:  A Cultural History’ (AHRC funded) (Exeter)

2014 Robert Kiely, first supervisor, ‘Beckett and Mysticism’ (Birkbeck)

2014 Isabelle Zahar, co-supervisor, ‘Discourses of Love in the Western Canon’ (AHRC funded) (Birkbeck)

2013 William Kherbek, co-supervisor, ‘John Ashbery and Cognitive Poetics’ (Birkbeck)

2013 Sean Roberts, first supervisor, ‘Beckett and Levinasian Ethics’ (Birkbeck)

2012 Jamie Wood, ‘The Eye Under the Duck-board: English Modernism, The First World War and the Body’ (Birkbeck College, AHRC funded)

2012 Cathryn Setz, ‘Transitive Birds: Non-mammalian Animals and Late Modernist Aesthetics in transition, 1927–1938’ (Birkbeck College, AHRC funded)

2010 Melissa Bradshaw, ‘Plath, Bishop and Psychoanalytic Discourses of Suicide’ (Birkbeck College, AHRC funded)

2006 Richard Cope, ‘Beckett’s Three Dialogues and Contemporary Painting’ (Southbank University)