Photo of Dr Simon Rennie

Dr Simon Rennie

Public engagement

As a published poet I have participated in several events with schools, libraries, and charities, and for some years I ran a monthly poetry event in Manchester called Inn Verse. I am currently developing links with schools, libraries, and historical societies in East Lancashire in order to collate Lancashire dialect poetry which pertains to the Lancashire Cotton Famine of 1861-65. 

Contribution to discipline

I have links with, and membership of, several literary societies including the Elizabeth Gaskell Society, The International Anthony Burgess Foundation, The Barbara Pym Society, and The Mary Webb Society. I have carried out extensive peer review work for the newly established Revenant journal based at Falmouth University. My contribution to the discipline consists of a uniquely sustained focus on working-class political poetry of the mid-nineteenth century, having completed a large scale study of the Chartist poet, Ernest Charles Jones (1819-69), and currently developing work on poetry of the Lancashire Cotton Famine. One of the achievements of the former project was to critically situate the poetry of Ernest Jones within the existing Victorian canon.

My current project aims to identify, collate, and interpret the poetry of the Lancashire Cotton Famine.