Professor John Plunkett

Associate Professor


Extension: 4287

Telephone: 01392 724287

CV for Professor John Plunkett

My office hours for 2018/19 are Thursdays 10.30-12.30, and Fridays 13.30-14.30. My office is Queens 311. Please sign up for a slot using the link beneath: 


I am a Victorian specialist with a particular interest in the long history of popular visual shows and media that so fascinated audiences during the nineteenth-century. The forms and devices I am fascinated by include panoramas, dioramas, 3-D photography, peepshows, magic lantern, kaleidoscopes and transparencies. I have held grants from the AHRC, Leverhulme Trust and Yale Centre for British Art to support my research. Much of my work at Exeter draws on the rich resources of the Bill Douglas Cinema Museum, a public museum and research centre that contains over 65,000 items covering the long history of the moving-image. More broadly, I am interested in the way that new communications and technologies during the Victorian period have links to contemporary culture and digital media. As well as visual shows and devices, I have published broadly on Victorian print media, journalism and popular culture.

I am a member of the Centre for Victorian Studies at Exeter, which brings together the large number fo researchers we have working in the area. Follow our Twitter account for the latest Victorian news. I am also dedicated to encouraging Public Engagement and have been, or am, involved with collaborative events with RAMM, Ilfracombe Museum and the Bill Douglas Cinema Museum.