Dr Chris Ewers

Lecturer in Eighteenth Century Literature


Extension: 4617

Telephone: 01392 724617

I have had articles published on eighteenth, nineteenth and twentieth-century fiction, but the main focus of my research is on the long eighteenth century. I am interested in how mobility - the way people move through space - alters and shapes narrative, and the connections beween movement and how we experience time.

I study modes of transport, such as ships, coaches, aerostatic machines, railways, tube trains and motor cars, tracing the link between physical movement and its representation in fiction. My first book, Mobility and the Novel from Defoe to Austen, argues that the novel emerges and develops in response to the remarkable changes to transport in Britain in the eighteenth century. My current book project aims to rethink temporality in the period, looking at the connections between street rhythms, novelistic time, religious time, gendered time, and the way infrastructure alters experience.

I have also worked as a sports journalist, and have a corresponding interest in early newspapers, and the narratives of sport (in film, poetry, and the novel).