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CV for Dr Emily Bernhard Jackson

Lecturer in Nineteenth-Century Literature, with interests in Literature and Medicine, Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century Sceptical Philosophy, Romantiicsm and Popular Culture (specifically David Bowie and the New Romantics), the Embodied Author, and Composition and Rhetoric.

Dr. Bernhard Jackson undertook her undergraduate and postgraduate work in the United States:  she has an M.A. from Boston College and a Ph.D. from Brandeis University.  After publishing articles on Spenser's The Faerie Queene, Pre-Raphaelite paintings of scenes from Romantic and Victorian poems, and composition and rhetoric, she published her first book, The Development of Byron's Philosophy of Knowledge:  Certain in Uncertainty (Palgrave, 2010).  After leaving Brandeis, she became an Assistant Professor of English at the University of Arkansas (2005-11), then the Writing Skills Director at Homerton and Robinson Colleges, Cambridge University, as well as Director of Studies for Part I of English at Robinson (variously, 2009-12).

These days, Dr. Bernhard Jackson's main area of research interests are Romanticism and David Bowie, and medicine and nineteenth-century literature. In the first area, she is particularly interested in Bowie's explorations of selfhood; in the second, she is particularly concerned with authors as embodied beings and the influence of the authorial body on literature.

In addition, her first novel, a mystery entitled Death in Paris, will be published in October of 2018.

She also maintains interests in, but does not actively publish on, Samuel Beckett, sceptical philosophy (modern, rather than ancient), and the form and function of poetry.

Dr. Bernhard Jackson has taught composition for over fifteen years, and she is very active in teaching and promoting excellent academic writing at both graduate and undergraduate levels.  Grammar, mechanics, and the beauty of the written word remain dear to her heart.

Her surname actually is "Bernhard Jackson." it drives her nuts when people refer to her as "Dr. Jackson."