Photo of Dr Niall Allsopp

Dr Niall Allsopp

Research interests

My doctoral thesis focused on ideas of sovereignty and obligations in poets who moved away from royalism following the defeat of Charles I in 1649. I traced in detail the influence of Hobbes on Davenant, Cowley, Marvell, and Dryden. I am currently developing this work as a monograph, which will feature Cavendish too. This will be called Poetry and Sovereignty in the English Revolution.

My new project will explore how investigate literary sources to ask how ideas of social allegiance and belonging were forged through religious experience in the period running up to the civil wars. An initial case study, on Robert Herrick, won the Review of English Studies essay prize in 2016. In future I hope to expand this into a book on the social and religious contexts of literary representations of allegiance in the revolutionary period.

I am organising a major conference on 'Literature and the Early Modern State', to be held in Cambridge in April 2019.