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Hardy and Heritage

'Hardy and Heritage’ is a collaborative PhD project between the University of Exeter and Dorset County Museum which aims to create a digital database of over 4,000 letters written to poet and novelist, Thomas Hardy (1840 -1928). These letters form part of Dorset County Museum’s Thomas Hardy Memorial Collection, the largest Hardy collection in the world, recently selected for the UNESCO UK Memory of the World Programme register.

Working with Exeter’s Digital Humanities Team, the digitisation project will make the letters remotely accessible to a wider audience, raising awareness of literary heritage in the South West. Further digital developments will include the use of new mobile technology to interpret, entertain and educate, enhancing access to the newly catalogued archive and informing Dorset County Museum's existing multi-disciplinary software development.

Project landing page

Hardy and Heritage project website

Digital methods

Technical support and advice for the project is supplied by the Digital Humanities team. The Digital team offer training and support in TEI encoding, and Helen and Beth have been transcribing and marking up a selection of letters in the oXygen XML programme.

Letters are being photographed using a Phase One camera system and conservation copy cradle. This captures high-quality images in extremely fine resolution, making them ideal for the study of every detail of the original manuscripts.

Research team

PhD project leader
Helen Angear
supported by postgraduate student Beth Mills.

PhD supervisors
Professor Angelique Richardson, University of Exeter
Professor Tim Kendall, University of Exeter
Dr Jon Murden, Director of the Dorset County Museum.

Professor Gabriella Giannachi, University of Exeter.

Technical advisor
Gary Stringer, Digital Humanities


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