Dickens Project

The University of Exeter is one of the international universities that form part of the Dickens Project of the University of California, a scholarly consortium dedicated to the study of the works of Charles Dickens.

Every summer the Dickens Project holds a week long seminar at the University of California at Santa Cruz on one of Dickens's novels. The Centre provides the opportunity for one member of staff and one graduate student working on any aspect of the nineteenth-century to visit the Universe and represent the university.

At the Universe the student will not only attend the various lectures, exhibits, performances, and other activities that are laid on for participants in the Universe, but will actively participate in the Universe's programme. This participation may take the form of presenting some of the students work to fellow graduates, taking part in various workshops, or teaching the Universe's set text to fellow Universe participants. Graduates' work at the Universe is supported by members of the Project's faculty, which consists of academics at various stages in their careers. Please see the Dickens Universe webpage for details of the next upcoming conference. 

Graduate students attending the Dickens Universe have found it an incredibly valuable and rewarding experience (see the documentary below).