Recent Keynotes and invited lectures


Hall, Jason, “Anti-Metronome Modernism”, Invited paper for English Faculty, University of Cambridge, May 2019

Richardson, Angelique, “Myths of Biology”, Keynote at BSLS Fourteenth Annual Conference, Royal Holloway, April 2019

Gagnier, Regenia, Keynote at C21 Global Victorians: When East Meets West, University of Warwick 2019, February 2019

Gagnier, Regenia, ‘‘Global Circulation and the Long Nineteenth Century’ Keynote at London Nineteenth-Century Seminar Graduate Conference, University of London, January 2019

Gagnier, Regenia, “The Transcultural Transformation of the Field”, Keynote at British Association for Victorian Studies Annual Conference, University of Exeter, August 2018

Gagnier, Regenia, ‘Transcultural Poiesis and the Making of Community’, Keynote at Transnational Poetics: Aestheticism and Decadence at the Fin de Siècle, New York University, May 2018

Hall, Jason, “Thinking about Meter in English Poetry” Invited to lead session on English metrics as part of AHRC Northern Bridge DTP Prosody Masterclass, February 2018