Recent Grants and awards

CVS members have an enviable track record in securing grants and fellowships, a sign of the esteem in which their work is held by the research community. Notable recent and ongoing awards include:


  • Professor Regenia Gagnier, 2017 Co-hosting with the India Institute of Advanced Studies, Shimla, India international conference ‘Purifying the Dialect of the Tribe’: Cross-Cultural Concerns in Colonial and Postcolonial India
  • Professor Jason Hall 2018, “Photographic Heritage of the Norman Lockyer Observatory”. AHRC standard research grant (£1m fEC, awaiting decision) – PI for a project involving Literature, History, Digital Humanities and Astrophysics, with external partners including the Norman Lockyer Observatory, Royal Astronomical Society and Royal Albert Memorial Museum. 
  • Professor Daisy Hay’s Mr and Mrs Disraeli: A Strange Romance (2016) won a Somerset Maugham Award in 2016
  • Dr Daisy Hay 2016 Short-listed for the History Today Book of the Year Prize
  • Dr Jana Funke 2016 - Wellcome Trust Joint Investigator Award project co-led with Kate Fischer
  • Dr John Plunkett 2016 £12,500. AHRC Cultural Engagement Fund, with Professor Angelique Richardson, to employ Dr Jonathan Memel
  • Dr Joe Kember 2016-2019 Partner Investigator in Australia $300,000 grant from Australian National University to Australian Research Council for ‘Heritage in the limelight: the magic lantern in Australia and the world’ project. Conducting research in Australian Archives, delivering research papers and postgraduate seminars at in five Australian cities.
  • 2015 (Angelique Richardson PI) AHRC Research and Enterprise in Arts and Creative Technology (REACT) with DCM, Collaborative Doctoral Award (CDA), 'Thomas Hardy and Heritage'.
  • 2015-2018: 660,000€ grant for JPI Heritage Joint Funding grant for ‘A Million Pictures: Magic Lantern Slides as Artefacts in the Common European History of Learning.’ (Principal Investigator in UK for pan-European project, including partners from the Netherlands, Belgium, and Spain).
  • 2013-2015: 1,905,483€ European Regional Funding for ‘1914FACES2014’ project (Co-investigator within the Exeter team working in partnership with colleagues in France; my responsibilities relate to research into the face on film in the 1910s and 1920s).
  • Dr Corinna Wagner and Dr Joanne Parker have been awarded an AHRC grant of £146,172 to study Identity, Community, and Victorian Medievalism (2012-15). The project will culminate in an exhibition on Victorian Medievalism at Exeter's Royal Albert Memorial Museum in 2014-15
  • Professor Regenia Gagnier, Global Circulation Project : British Academy Research Development Award: £89,963 (2009)
  • Professor Regenia Gagnier, MagGeorge Fellow, University of Melbourne (2012)
  • Prof. Regenia Gagnier - ERC Consolidator Grant PI Louise Bethlehem (Israel): Apartheid Stops: Kliptown & Bandung: Novel possibilities, 1948-1960; Sharpeville & Memphis: Drumming up resistance, 1960-1976; From Soweto to Berlin: Spectacle at the barricades, 1976-1990. Advisory Board Member and Consultant. €1,861,238 Start date: 2014-05-01, End date: 2019-04-30
  • Prof. Regenia Gagnier NEH Level II Start-up: Advisory Board, Cohorts of Women in Biographical Collections. (PI: Prof. Alison Booth, U Virginia) $59,479, March 2015-March 2017