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The Centre for Victorian Studies organises a wide range of lectures, seminars and conferences throughout the academic year, as well as public events designed to engage the wider community in Victorian literature and culture.

Renowned for its national and international events, which have attracted the sponsorship of British Association of Victorian Studies, the British Academy and other funding bodies, the Centre fosters collaborative ventures and creates opportunities for joint events between Victorian centres and institutions.  Most notably, the Centre collaborates with the Royal Holloway Centre for Victorian Studies (University of London), the Birkbeck Centre for Nineteenth-Century Studies (University of London) and the Dickens Project (University of California).

Major international conferences organised by the Centre for Victorian Studies include the British Association for Victorian Studies (BAVS): Global Patterns and Victorian Crossings Conference, the Victorian Europeans conference, co-organised with the Royal Holloway Centre for Victorian Studies, and the multidisciplinary conference on The Verbal and The Visual with the Birkbeck Centre for Nineteenth-Century Studies.

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Upcoming Events for the Centre for Victorian Studies include: 

Zooming Decadence: An Autumn Seminar Series 

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14 October: Prof. Gregory Mackie (UBC), "Dorian Hope and the Great Oscar Wilde Caper" 

28 October: Dr. Alex Murray (Queens, Belfast), "Decadent Constantinople, Istanbul Decadence" 

11 November: Dr. Sarah Parker (Loughborough University), "Gaudy Havoc: The Post-Victorian Decadent Excesses of Iris Tree"

25 November: Prof. Nicholas Frankel (VCU), "Oscar Wilde’s Life as a Work of Art"

9 December: Prof. Margaret Stetz (University of Delaware), "Anna, Comtesse de Brémont: Decadent Women's Poetry on Trial in 1895"