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The Department of English is one of the leading centres for teaching and research in Victorian literature and culture in the UK, if not the world. The Victorian Studies pathway of the MA English Literary Studies ranges through the period with an insightful interdisciplinary approach that considers poetry, criticism and fiction in context of the work of Charles Darwin, John Stuart Mill, T H Huxley and others. The Centre for Victorian Studies counts many distinguished scholars among its members, and Exeter possesses a unique set of special collections and resources for you to explore in the course of your MA.

These resources include the Bill Douglas Cinema Museum, which holds thousands of documents and artefacts for the study of, for example, the recreational habits of the Victorian family, optical instruments scientific and recreational, and early cinema. The museum is an exceptional collection of rare books and documents that cross all areas of interest. The library and related bodies in Exeter – like the Devon and Exeter Institution – supplement these to compose an outstanding range of original research materials.

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For more detailed information about the excellent academic environment and resources available to MA students, please see the English prospective postgraduate pages and our Resources section.

For more information on the Victorian Studies pathway of MA English Literary Studies, please see the MA English Literary Studies webpage and view the pathway option.